Real life Hollywood Co-Conspirators, Christine Roth & Rob Cohen at a dinner for Iron Chef Sakai


Co-Conspirators since the day they met, Rob Cohen & Christine Roth have been connected at the hip. It all began while publishing their ground breaking literary/art magazine, Caffeine, in the early 90s. Together, whether in the spotlight or the shadows, they've been consistently creating properties and conspiring on projects for every imaginable form of media. Twenty years later, their combined output includes pop culture moments in television, documentary, game design and publishing. 

As Vice President, Creative Affairs, Rob Cohen worked with Shine America's development team to create compelling and engaging content across multiple platforms. Rob worked with Shine group companies in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain and Australia. His credits include: The Face (Oxygen), Covert Kitchens with Graham Elliot (Spike) and Don't Lose the Money (Shine Germany/FOX). 

It's Cohen's work with Robert Rodriguez, John Fogelman and Cris Patwa to realize their dream of creating the El Rey Network that he's most proud. Along with his colleague Harvey Grisalez, Cohen was exclusively responsible for crafting and developing the materials that would help launch the network. 

At Mark Burnett Productions Cohen helped foster and develop projects including: The Bible (History Channel), Expedition Impossible (ABC), Sarah Palin's Alaska (TLC), BattleBots (Discovery) and Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual (WE).

His other credits include developing My Cat From Hell (Animal Planet), Mad Fashion with Chris March (Bravo) and years of field work producing shows like Punk'd, Scream Queens, Tough Love and Beauty and the Geek. Prior to Mark Burnett, Cohen worked in development at FremantleMedia.

Cohen hails from Los Angeles, has written 4 books, published the literary journal Caffeine Magazine and has designed games for Mattel. 

Since 1992, Christine Roth has been responsible for pop culture moments of her own, first at Caffeine Magazine, then creating and developing content and brand focus for television properties (FremantleMedia, Mark Burnett Productions, 3Ball, Bravo, Reveille, Shine) literary properties (Harper Collins, Viking Press), direct marketing (The Best of Backyard Wrestling series, Secrets of Hold 'Em series, The Opportunity Show, Whacked Out Sports), documentary, Latino entertainment (ThinkLatino! H&M Communications) movies and home entertainment (Cimarron Group, Cleopatra) and food, fashion and fitness.

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With the mighty Jackson Galaxy. My Cat From Hell Season 1 Release Party.

El Rey Pitch 2012

Selling “EL REY” with Harvey Grisalez, RC, Robert Rodriguez, Cris Patwa and
John Folgelman.

Yeah, that was us.

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